Our Education Committee have worked hard to put together a robust educational programme to meet your echo development needs.

Join us on Friday 13 and Saturday 14 October 2023 for our hybrid conference.













8.00 am Registration

8.45 am

Welcome and introduction

Claire Colebourn

9.00 am

Plenary session
Chairs: Dan Augustine and Martin Stout

A year in echo research Rick Steeds
A year in echo practice Keith Pearce

Future perspectives

Claire Colebourn

10.30 am

Tea and coffee break and exhibition

11.00 am

Chairs: Stephanie Curtis and David Oxborough

Diastolic function

Shaun Robinson

Congenital heart disease
Chairs: Radwa Bedair and Gui Rego

Embryology and fetal development Mari Nieves Velasco Fortes

Chair: Karina Bunting and James Willis

Left ventricle Aimee Drane Musculoskeletal health
Chairs: Wendy Gamlin and Catherine Townsend


William Moody Sequential and standardised approach Cathy West Mitral regurgitation Emma Rees
Aortic regurgitation Kelly Victor Atrial septal defects and sinus of venosus defect Antigoni Deri Pericardial disease Liam Ring


Reinette Hampson Ventricular septal defects Liam Corbett Cardiac masses Sanjeev Bhattacharyya

12.30 pm

Lunch break and exhibition

1.30 pm

The normal heart
Chairs: Aimee Drane and Liam Ring

Ethnicity and gender: Nature vs nurture Abbas Zaidi

Congenital heart disease
Chairs: Cathy West and Nav Masani

Tetralogy of Fallot

Radwa Bedair

Chairs: Waheed Akhtar and Emma Rees

Right ventricular function James Willis

Stress echocardiography
Chairs: Anita MacNab and Reinette Hampson

Scaling and the heart

David Oxborough

Transposition of the great arteries with systemic right ventricle Katrijn Jansen Tricuspid valve disease Bushra Rana
The heart during exercise Keerthi Prakash Repaired transposition of the great arteries with systemic left ventricle Dario Freitas Mitral stenosis Sadie Bennett
Physiological adaptation of pregnancy Mark Belham 3D echo in congenital heart disease Elena Surkova Aortic stenosis Katherine Collins

3.00 pm

Tea and coffee break and exhibition

3.30 pm

Chairs: Mark Belham and Hannah Crane

BSE guidelines Stephanie Curtis

Inherited cardiac conditions
Chair: Sanjeev Bhattacharyya and Keerthi Prakash

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Will Bradlow

Research and audit
Chairs: Maria Paton and Liam Ring

Investigator of the Year abstract presentations

Chairs: David Oxborough and Shaun Robinson
Assessment of valve disease in pregnancy Rachael James Arrhythmogenic ventricular cardiomyopathy Abbas Zaidi
Assessment of myocardial disease in pregnancy Anna Herrey Dilated and isolated left ventricular non-compaction Vasiliki Tsampasian Delivering quality improvement Kelly Victor
Case presentations Stephanie Connaire, Hannah Shaw and Ayisha Khan-Kheil Diseases of the aorta Rosemary Rusk
Preparing a research project Martin Stout

5.00 pm

Drinks reception


Time Session Presentation Speaker Session Presentation Speaker Session Presentation Speaker Workshops
8.15 am Registration
9.00 am Pulmonary hypertension
Chairs: Liam Corbett and Anjana Siva
Pathophysiology: Pre- and post-capillary Nina Karia Emergency and intensivist echo
Chairs: Keith Pearce and Vasiliki Tsampasian
Echo in dissection Anita MacNab Echo assessment of the atria
Chairs: William Moody and Kelly Victor
Quantification of atrial structure and function Liam Ring TOE
Chair: Sandeep Hothi
Current guidelines Julia Grapsa Echo in myocardial infarction Martin Stout The atrium in valve disease Shaun Robinson
Case presentation Oliver Slegg Sepsis and the shocked patient Claire Colebourn The atrium in heart failure Karina Bunting
Future perspectives Dan Augustine Case presentation Sarah Fellows, Curtis Page and Charlotte Thornton Echo imaging in atrial intervention procedures Bushra Rana
10.30 am Tea and coffee break and exhibition

11.00 am

International and invited talks
Chair: Dan Augustine

International talk Judy Hung
Invited talk Sanjay Sharma
12.30 pm Lunch break and exhibition
1.30 pm Annual General Meeting and presentation of awards
2.15 pm Tea and coffee break and exhibition
2.30 pm Artificial intelligence and machine learning
Chairs: Dan Augustine and Claire Colebourn
The concept of big data David Oxborough Emergency and intensivist echo
Chairs: Waheed Akhtar and Reinette Hampson
The ventilated patient Susanna Price  
What is artificial intelligence and machine learning? Darrel Francis Fluid responsiveness Richard Fisher
Debate: Machines vs humans Paul Leeson vs Rick Steeds The patient on inotropes Segun Olusanya
Case presentation Bruno Fernandes, Pooja Raithatha and Harriet Walters
4.00 pm Close of meeting