Peer review scheme

The BSE peer review scheme provides investigators with constructive feedback on their research proposals from an independent panel of expert peer reviewers. Reviews can take place either prior to a project's initiation or prior to funding applications.

The scheme aims to improve the quality of echocardiographic research and increase the likelihood of investigators obtaining grant funding and publication in high-quality journals.

Who can take part?

The peer review scheme is designed for cardiac physiologists, registrars and consultants who are embarking on research projects at any level (MSc, MD, PhD), or prior to seeking grant funding.

The peer review process

1. Proposal review and feedback

Investigators are invited to submit a structured project proposal summary, which is then assessed by three expert reviewers from the BSE peer reviewer panel.

Each reviewer completes a peer review form providing constructive feedback. Peer reviewers are given the option to remain anonymous if they wish. Investigators may provide names of reviewers they wish to exclude.

Feedback forms are sent to investigators within six weeks of application.

2. BSE endorsement

Reviewers will grade proposals as either suitable for endorsement or requiring further work.

If two or more reviewers grade the proposal as suitable for endorsement, a letter stating BSE endorsement will be sent to the investigator. Where further work is recommended the investigator will be encouraged to enhance the proposal and re-submit for endorsement.

3. The peer review panel

The peer review panel consists of 10-15 reviewers, selected to include experts with interests in different echocardiographic modalities and disease areas.

Submit your research for review
An application form is currently being drafted but please email any queries to [email protected].