Updated position statement on time-slots for echocardiography

Published 30/01/2024

The British Society of Echocardiography has updated its position statement on the recommended time taken to scan and report a comprehensive level II echocardiogram.

Our original guidance was written for echocardiographers; however member feedback suggests it has been misinterpreted by management to suggest that comprehensive TTE’s should take a maximum of 45 minutes. We hope the updated statement clarifies the BSE’s position.

Professor Dan Augustine, Consultant Cardiologist and President of the Society said, "Following member feedback, we have updated this guidance to remove ambiguity. The BSE develops position statements to empower our members to run services effectively in their centres. We can offer guidance, but we believe that you are the best judges of how to implement it for your teams and patient populations. We value your feedback and where such guidance is being misinterpreted, we will do our best to clarify points."

Read the position statement