BSE Trustee Annual Report

Published 09/10/2023

This report highlights the work undertaken by our trustees, Advisory Council and committees on behalf of all members for the financial year of April 2022 to March 2023. Echocardiography continued to be under a spotlight with pressures on teams to do more, often with less.

Our work during this period has focussed on ensuring we continued to deliver our core services of accreditation and education, whilst also trying to increase our advocacy on behalf of the workforce. The reintroduction of the Regional Representatives Network and the launch of the Membership Resources Committee have ensured we have gained vital feedback and are producing time-saving resources to aid our members at work.

There is an army of people required to deliver this work. We would like to thank everyone who gives their time to the Society voluntarily and particularly the trustees who give an incredible amount of time and benefit of experience and carry a great deal of responsibility. This report details all BSE activity including our financial statements. We hope you will take the time to read this report and understand the breadth of the work which has been carried out on your behalf.

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