Welcome to our hall of echo heroes, where we recognise the commitment of individuals YOU believe have gone above and beyond in their roles within echocardiography!

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Louise Bowman

Nominated by Bart Olechowski

Louise is a brilliant echocardiographer - smart, kind, easily approachable and very professional. Well done Louise and thank you for your help and your hard work.

Jenni Green

Nominated by Alice Hatch

Over the last 12 months Jenni has worked tirelessly on the new BSE pilot training program and had amazing success with the students under her supervision. She has managed to do this whilst maintaining her own clinical skills, publishing work in the echo journal and all while having two young children to care for at home. She is an asset to our department!

Justin Mandeville

Nominated by Muhammad Rahman

Dr Mandeville has incorporated Echo in his clinical practice which has revolutionised the way we practice Intensive care at BHNHST. He uses echo very confidently and efficiently in critical care and uses it as an important tool for overall patient assessment. He then contextualise his echo findings to formulate comprehensive care for acutely unwell patients. Justin is also a great teacher, and has directly or indirectly taught and preached echo throughout the department over last 8 years or so. He is a role model in Intensive Care and Perioperative Medicine. A Hero of real life!

Mica Perry

Nominated by Davina Sadyakeerthy

Miça is an impeccable example of who a cardiac physiologist should thrive to be. She has been a great example, working hard during the pandemic and by being a supportive mentor. She takes time out of her day to ensure training has been done and dedicates herself to teaching others. She always has a positive attitude and her work ethic is admirable!

Catherine Barman

Nominated by Wendy Gamlin 

 Cathy is an enthusiastic and dedicated trainer, patient and encouraging to all who work with her and always happy to share her extensive knowledge and experience. Her bubbly personality, warm smile and kind words are just what we need when we’ve had a tough day.

Fakher E Fayaz

Nominated by Lubna Khan

Dr Fakher E Fayaz has contributed a lot in both TTE and TOE, particularly intraoperatively TOE and FICE in countries like Pakistan. He has, and is still, conducting workshops in different cities to train young physicians in TTE, TOE and FICE.

Orlagh Harrington

Nominated by Sharon Herity

Orlagh is a wonderful boss who on a daily basis battles pain from an underlying neck issue caused by a road traffic accident some years previously. As we know echo can be somewhat physically demanding, however she does not allow this to interfere with the many echocardiograms she performs, always with a smile on her face and a willingness to provide a standard of care second to none to those fortunate enough to encounter her sunny disposition and wonderful deep and hearty laugh.

Orlagh recently underwent neck and shoulder surgery and despite this, all she wants to do is return to her beloved echo room!

Bruno Matos

Nominated by Anna Goodhart

Bruno goes above and beyond for his patients and colleagues every single day. He is a superb teacher and has unbelievable patience with echocardiography trainees; always finding time to review scans and reports and to give advice. His positivity and work ethic are infectious and benefit everyone around him.

Mahesh Prabhu

Nominated by Mostafa Eladawy

Dr Mahesh Prabhu, who is a consultant cardiothoracic anaesthetist and intensivist at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle upon Tyne, is very well known to the BSE as he has been a member of the society for over 20 years. He has taken several roles within the society, including head examiner and TOE exam director several times, he has also served on the board of BSE and has been an active speaker in many of the BSE conferences over the past years.

Mahesh continues to successfully run a TOE course in Newcastle upon Tyne, which has been running once or twice a year for the past decade and serving candidates from the north east of England who wish to become accredited echocardiographers. Dr Prabhu has featured many times in many renowned publications and contributed significantly to manuscript writing and different academic activity.

Lisa Fenny

Nominated by Jennifer Spicer

For many years, Lisa has contributed her time to help teach registrars, physiologists and anaesthetic FICE consultants to be successful BSE candidates. She finishes after hours, and misses lunch to help her students. I can only say how amazing, caring and supportive she has been and deserves a hero status.

Claire Husband

Nominated by Sevda Ward

Claire puts her patients before herself and always goes above and beyond with her echo scans. She has been instrumental in teaching and educating all those who she has worked with.

Vitor Morgado

Nominated by Laura Winzer

Vitor is both highly knowledgeable and a fantastic teacher. Offering support and his abilities with a calm head in every situation, Vitor always works to the gold standard and I’m sure he’s his own worst critic. He always finds time in his day to be kind, often going above and beyond for his allied health colleagues. Our team wouldn’t be the same without him.

Naveed Saeed

Nominated by Prabhdeep Kaur & Sarb Clare

Naveed is a Consultant Echocardiographer who regularly holds his own Echo MDTs to allow all staff to add their echos if they have any issue. He helps them to come to a conclusion and explains how to approach difficult cases. He also takes time out during his own clinics to help you report complex pathology. Additionally, he helps juniors with logbooks, creates dedicated lists for trainees in pathology they struggle in, and conducts regular teaching sessions for anyone who would like to attend, alongside all of his regular clinical responsibilities.

Richard Fisher

Nominated by Joao Ramos

Dr Richard Fisher produces amazing work in the field of Echo. I had the opportunity to be taught and mentored by Richard, learning from him everything that I know relating to Echo. He has been mostly responsible for motivating, supporting and teaching many health care professionals in the acquisition of Echo skills, and without him none of the Critical Care professionals would be able to get through different levels of accreditation, such as FUSIC and BSE level 1 and 2.

Emma Lane

Nominated by Ayman Helal

Emma is a chief physiologist at Portsmouth Hospitals University Trust, BSE accredited and undergoing BSE stress echo accreditation. Hospital mentor and keen developer in all thing focused echo related; Emma has worked on inter-departmental echo relationships, and to date has been key in both ICU and ED echo skills and training for SpRs and ACPs.

She is currently undertaking a part-time PhD with the University of Portsmouth which focuses on the role of advanced echo techniques and biomarkers for detecting heart failure on ICU patients with sepsis and septic shock. This is an NIHR portfolio study and one of the first to look at long term outcomes in this cohort. She is also an honorary senior lecturer at the University of Portsmouth, teaching cardiology-specific modules on the MSc Clinical Exercise course.

Personally, she is the most supportive person in the department, keen on her work, energetic, and always positive.

Jim Newton

Nominated by Cassandra Hammond

Not only was Jim my mentor and supervisor, but he is incredibly patient and kind when teaching the countless physiologists, cardiology trainees and fellows. His knowledge is immense and he is the echo guru!

Jacopo Tafuro

Nominated by Sadie Bennett

In a team of EchoHero’s here at UHNM, Jaco outshines us all with his ever present smile, endless team spirit and willingness to help patients and colleagues in times of need. He is a true asset to our team and we love him!

Helen Roberts 

Nominated by Georgina Ooues 

Helen is our Echo Lead, always striving to improve herself and the service. Over the last 12 months she kept the Department above water despite the Covid-19 challenges, set up dedicated ACHD echo lists, passed her written BSE CHD exam, and is undergoing her Scientist Training Programme (STP) Equivalence. She is an asset to our Department!

Rosalind Webb 

 Nominated by Niall Keenan 

Rosalind Webb is a true #EchoHero. She is our lead echo physiologist at West Herts NHS Trust. She is one of those amazing NHS workers for whom nothing is ever too much trouble and who give so much of themselves for the benefit of patients, the service and their team. She has completely transformed our echo service and she has given fantastic leadership to the echo team during the pandemic. For inpatients our service has been re-focussed and we can now do all scans in under 24h on new equipment that she has managed to acquire. Our outpatient service hits its targets despite a huge increase in workload. She has completely changed and updated all our IT systems not just for echo but across cardiology. She has been our lead echo physiologist for training and has mentored countless physiologists and cardiology trainees through accreditation. She has done much of this in her own time. And on top of that she is an inspirational colleague to all and a wonderful human being. As a consultant group we are unanimous in nominating her as our #EchoHero

Jennifer Torkington 

Nominated by Rhiannon Lee 

Jennifer Torkington is not just a brilliant echocardiographer but also a wonderful and caring person. Jennifer has worked as a physiologist for almost 40 years and brings a wealth of knowledge to our team. She performs physiologist-led valve clinics and physiologist-led stress echo clinics. Jennifer has been instrumental in the teaching and education that goes on at the Princess of Wales hospital. She participates in local BSE courses, she is a FICE mentor and a BSE examiner.  Jennifer has won an award – ‘Welsh Physiologist of Year in 2017’ - because of her dedication and commitment – not just to echo services but cardiac physiology as a whole. She goes above and beyond for patients as well as  her own staff. We are all extremely grateful to have Jennifer in our department because she is so inspirational and very supportive.

Congratulations to all of our nominated #ECHOHeroes!