We uphold high quality clinical standards through our educational activities.

The constantly evolving nature of echocardiography means ongoing education in the field is crucial, and something we treat as a number one priority. The BSE is committed to keeping you updated on the latest news, consistently improving patient care, and empowering innovation at every turn.

Education support

Through initiatives like the Echocardiography Quality Framework (EQF), the ECHO journal, and the various professional development events we hold throughout the year, we work hard to ensure our members feel supported in delivering the most advanced and patient-centric care possible.


At the BSE, we work hard to ensure that the information made available to our members is both the most comprehensive and up-to-date possible. We are proud to merge our years of experience and knowledge with the innovations and best practices of echocardiography professionals across the country, as well as expertise from relevant organisations working to achieve goals pertaining to the wider echocardiography landscape.

*Some of our educational content is restricted to member-only access and will require you to log in to your account.