Level 1 (L1) accreditation

Level I accreditation allows rapid bedside echocardiographic assessment of the acutely unwell patient and was launched in April 2018 in response to and in anticipation of the Department of Health mandate for 24/7 provision of emergency echo services.

It utilises a dataset of 17 images to allow for assessment and diagnosis of clinically important and commonly encountered acute pathology to guide bedside management. It allows detection of gross pathology to direct further assessment either by a more detailed transthoracic or trans-oesphageal study.

Candidates will need to find a mentor to guide them through the process. For more information on mentors, see the accreditation pack. 

BSE Level 1 mentor criteria (one of the following):

  • BSE Level 2 (ACCE, TTE, TOE)
  • BSE Level 2 in training (post exam)
  • BSE Level 1 with 12 months experience since accreditation 
  • EDEC
  • Other qualifications can be considered by BSE Level 1 committee on a case by case basis.

Practical Exam

  • The candidate will be required to collect 75 logbook cases over a period of 12 months before registering for the exam, then on the day the exam consists of scanning section and a reporting section.
  • For more information please download the accreditation pack or go to our practical exam webpage

Following successful completion, accreditation is valid for five years. 

Further details of the requirements to successfully complete accreditation can be found in the accreditation pack.