At Philips, we are committed to transforming healthcare and that includes evolving ultrasound to be a more intelligent, solution to enable swift and more confident decision making, for more people in more places.

Intelligent: we strive to be at the forefront of developing solutions that adapt to people’s needs and environments resulting in more accurate and consistent results in the hands of any user 
Definitive: through exceptional image quality, advanced quantification, and intelligent solutions we provide information to customers to enable a more confident diagnosis
Everywhere: as care settings expand beyond the hospital, we are expanding the ability to use ultrasound in more places so more people can benefit

In today's cardiology environment, there is pressure to implement imaging solutions that are cutting-edge, without compromising workflow efficiencies, diagnosis and treatment, or patient care. Philips cardiovascular ultrasound machines bring outstanding functionality and performance that help you to improve quality of care and workflow within the cardiology department – allowing you to deliver superb care to each and every patient.

The latest release of the Philips EPIQ CVx cardiovascular ultrasound system is designed to support you at every step from diagnosis to treatment – helping you and your clinical teams to deliver accurate, reproducible diagnosis with confidence.

The Philips Affiniti CVx ultrasound system is specifically designed to meet the everyday demands of cardiology, providing you with the platform you need to efficiently deliver high-quality care to more patients.

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Our 2020 Release is ready for you to experience at this year’s Virtual BSE Event!

AI algorithms that really deliver…

VIVID AI algorithms help reduce operator fatigue
AI-driven, neural network-based algorithms are designed to deliver repeatable and faster information than the manual process used today.
They can help reduce the need for manual inputs and may help reduce risk of operator fatigue and exposure to Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders.

With up to 99% ACCURACY1 and 98% DETECTABILITY1
ULTRA-EDITION AI algorithms provide consistent and repeatable measurements regardless of operator experience.

Designed to relieve clinicians and technologists of the tedious yet complex task of various measurements; they help them direct their attention to the procedure,
leveraging every second to focus their clinical expertise on what matters most, their patients; without compromising their own health.

1. AI White Paper JB80498XX

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Change Healthcare is a long-standing provider of medical imaging solutions and services to the NHS and a number of private providers of healthcare in the UK.

Our Cardiology solutions provide an end-to-end management platform for cardiologists who need access to the entire lifecycle of the procedure, including imaging, reporting, haemodynamics, analytics, inventory management and more.

We have operated in the UK for more than 20 years, supporting over 100 facilities with our medical imaging solutions, designed and built specifically to meet the needs of the NHS and private healthcare organisations in the UK.

We bring 25 years of experience of working with rapidly evolving medical imaging technology, coupled with 40-plus years of hospital IT experience.

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Want to learn more about pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH)? 

PAH is a rare and incurable condition that can have a negative impact on patients.1 PAH shares symptoms with other more common conditions and is frequently overlooked or misdiagnosed. Early referral, diagnosis and access to the right treatment is vital for those affected and can significantly improve survival.2–5

Act on PAH has been developed with pulmonary hypertension (PH) specialists to provide information for healthcare professionals about PAH. You can browse resources tailor-made for your speciality, such as how to interpret echocardiograms, learn more about referral, symptoms and diagnosis, and keep up-to-date with guidelines and educational events.

It is time to act and improve patient outcomes with earlier diagnosis. 

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Act on PAH is part of the Janssen Medical Cloud, where you can find resources for healthcare professionals about a range of therapy areas.

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Developed and funded by Janssen-Cilag Ltd to provide information for healthcare professionals.
EM-41222 | September 2020

Alnylam is leading the translation of RNA interference (RNAi) into a whole new class of innovative medicines with the potential to help patients who have limited or inadequate treatment options live fuller, healthier lives. Founded in 2002 on the bold vision to turn scientific possibility into reality, Alnylam has a robust discovery platform and deep pipeline of investigational medicines, including several programs in late-stage clinical development. Patients are at the core of everything we do; their needs drive our discoveries and their stories further our commitment to delivering innovative therapies.

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InHealth Echotech is recruiting! Part of the InHealth Group, we are accredited by the British Society of Echocardiography (BSE) and are the largest provider of community echocardiography services in the UK, delivering from over 70 sites. We support the NHS to deliver services for patients closer to home.

InHealth has a dedicated Educational Team providing an internal BSE Development Programme, paving the way for the next cohort of Accredited Cardiac Physiologists, and we are proud to have received BSE Training Accreditation in 2019 – the first private organisation to receive this award for the programme, which has been a great success.

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We are a global health technology firm providing autonomous echocardiography analysis through innovative AI solutions - empowering physicians to make fast, accurate decisions when diagnosing cardiovascular disease.

The revolutionary system, EchoGo, is a cloud-based AI service built in partnership with the NHS which delivers analysis to any ultrasound vendor within minutes through its fully automated, off-cart approach. EchoGo eliminates the need for users to spend time on software, including manually uploading scans and manipulating contours -  everything is done virtually in the cloud, saving clinicians time and removing inter-operator variability.

Automates cardiac measurements, including ejection fraction (EF), global longitudinal strain (GLS), left ventricular (LV) volume, and myocardial strain reporting. 

Calculates the patient’s risk of developing coronary artery disease.

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 Akcea Therapeutics, an affiliate of Ionis Pharmaceuticals, was established in early 2015 and is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Akcea Therapeutics is a biotechnology company focused on helping patients living with serious and rare diseases. Our priority is to bring transformative medicines to patients by understanding patient and healthcare provider needs. We have a robust portfolio of licensed and developmental stage drugs covering multiple targets and diseases, using advanced RNA-targeted antisense oligonucleotides (ASO). 

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Takeda has a strong legacy in developing treatments for lysosomal storage disorders. Because rare genetic and metabolic diseases can have symptoms that vary widely and progress differently from person to person, we empower education and awareness, and partner with medical, research and patient organisations. We are committed to helping reduce the amount of time between the onset of symptoms and diagnosis and to accelerating the development of innovative new treatments.

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For UK healthcare professionals only. This content has been developed by Takeda. 
Reference: 1. Elliott P, et al. Heart. 2011;97(23):1957–1960. 
Date of preparation: September 2020   C-ANPROM/UK/FAB/0002 
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