Investigator of the year

About the award

The evolution of echocardiography to become the advanced imaging modality it is today has been achieved through a combination of scientific research and discovery, technological developments, and continual service appraisal.

This innovation is very often driven by medical professionals practising within the service on a daily basis, and their research has demonstrable benefits on patient care and outcomes.

In 2019, the Society awarded Investigator and Young investigator prizes.

About the abstract session

At the Society's annual conference, the abstract session was established as a means for individuals and departments to demonstrate this constant development, including research and audits undertaken, the impact of these audits on the service and patients, and the learning opportunities available for colleagues across the country.

How it works

The constant advancement of the echocardiography field is accomplished through exemplary investigative work, and we encourage the submission of any investigative processes, particularly abstracts from researchers or departments that perform service evaluations or audits, identify novel working practice, or describe research processes and scientific advances in echocardiography.

The five most notable submissions are selected to display a poster at the conference, as well as provide a brief presentation on the investigative process to a judging panel.

The winner will receive:

  • One year’s free membership to the BSE
  • An invitation to submit a full article to the journal of the BSE, Echo Research and Practice

Submissions that are not chosen but deemed thought-provoking will be invited to display a poster at the conference.

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Investigator of the year winners

  • Luke Hunter, 2019
  • Helen Jordan, 2020
  • Oliver Slegg, 2021

Young investigator of the year winners

  • Dario Freitas, 2019