New Resource Hub launched

Published 31/07/2023

The British Society of Echocardiography (BSE) is pleased to announce the launch of a new online Resource Hub to support members.

Time is precious in the echo community and we hope that this dedicated hub will provide a gateway to useful materials including templates, management documents and standard operating procedures amongst many other things for you to use. Over time the hub will continue to grow and evolve alongside the ever-changing needs of our members and the advancement of echocardiography.

Dr Kelly Victor, Chair of Membership Resources, and major contributor to the hub, said, "Outcomes from the 2022 workforce survey showed that 'only 9% of respondents could complete ALL of their work in the allocated time'. In addition to this alarming statistic, you also told us this meant professional development, research, quality assurance, and teaching were most commonly incomplete or pushed to the side as a lower priority. From a bird’s eye view, it is simple to appreciate that without the necessary time allowance, growth, development, and improvement both personal and professional stifles; and equally as important patient care and standards of service delivery suffer.

"The Resource Hub has been designed and built with this exact dilemma in mind. It is targeted at providing those members short on time with shortcuts. The hub aims to be the place for you to access examples of work done well so that you don’t have to start from scratch or re-invent the wheel. It is a reservoir of examples, templates, management documents, and standard operating procedures put together by those who know best – you! These resources are meant to be shared. They are meant to be adapted and enhanced to suit the user. As a community of echocardiographers working towards the same goals, we can’t see any benefit in keeping these resources from the limelight or to ourselves. After all, don’t we want the best care for patients and the best working lives for our members across the board, regardless of location, economics, or clinical background?

"Our hope is that these documents will give benefit in the form of: 1) easing the burden on our members by willingly thrusting the tools they need upon them; 2) ensuring we are all singing from the same best practice hymn sheet; 3) addressing an unmet appetite for development.

"So we invite you in. Take a look around. Learn, use, improve, and where you can give back and pay it forward. We would love to receive more resources, particularly from those who have found value in the ones that we have provided from the offset."

Access the Resource Hub