Change to membership fees

Published 07/02/2023

For the past two years the British Society of Echocardiography (BSE) has held its membership fees at 2020 levels. This was done in recognition of the difficult circumstances facing all members during the pandemic.

Our services to members were maintained throughout this period, despite the added complexities, and our workload has increased by our efforts to ensure national bodies consider the impacts of decisions on our members when setting policy in the workplace. This has been particularly important given some of the proposed initiatives to reduce the backlog.

As we approach the 2023 renewal date, we are writing to let you know that there will be a small fee increase for 2023 as outlined below:

  • Regular membership: £103
  • Pre accredited membership: £72
  • International membership: £52
  • Fellows: £155

Retired membership, for those who no longer practice but wish to stay in contact with the BSE, will remain at £35.

We hope that this small increase will not impact anybody significantly. We know that all members will recognise that costs are increasing across the board. The BSE is committed not only to delivering high quality education and promoting the highest standards of care through both individual and departmental accreditation, but also to ensuring our members’ voices are heard when it comes to decisions on workforce, training and wellbeing going forward. Following feedback from our most recent survey we will also be delivering more direct member benefits such as resources to help you manage your musculoskeletal health. Finally, we will shortly be launching our Member Resources Hub where we plan to host template resources such as business cases, job descriptions, SOP’s and training plans. We believe that these tools will save time for all our members at a time when you have little to spare.

We hope that you will continue to recognise the value of your BSE membership and look forward to supporting you again next year. If you have any concerns, comments or recommendations for how the Society can continue to support its members, please do not hesitate to contact Ms Jo Sopala, Chief Executive at [email protected] or Dr Claire Colebourn, President, at [email protected].