New President-Elect chosen

Published 12/12/2022

The British Society of Echocardiography is required to appoint a President Elect from current Trustees in the last year of the serving President’s term of office as per the Articles of Association.

Following a request for expressions of interest the vote for President Elect was held at the Trustees meeting last week.

We are delighted to announce that Dr Dan Augustine was elected to be the next President of the BSE. Dan now holds the position of President Elect while he is mentored by the current President, Dr Claire Colebourn. Claire will remain the BSE President until the 2023 AGM when Dan will start his three year presidential term.

Dan said "I am deeply honoured to have been elected as the next President of the British Society of Echocardiography. I am very grateful to those who have put their faith in me. I look forward to taking on this role and will work to the best of my ability to support our members and continue our vital roles in ensuring we provide the best care for patients."

In March 2023 the Trustees will select the Vice President Elect whose term will run alongside Dan's. As Dan is a cardiologist, our next Vice President will be a physiologist or scientist as per our Articles of Association.

Dr Claire Colebourn said “I am delighted that Dr Dan Augustine has been voted in as our President Elect against stiff competition. In his election presentation he described himself as an 'echocardiographer'. This is absolutely on point with where we are as a Society and chimes with our Petition to the King and the Privy Council to be recognised as a unified but unique professional group of echocardiographers wherever we work.”