Review of the EchoRight™ app

Published 28/11/2022

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The EchoRight™ app is a free educational tool that provides clinicians with an intuitive way to refresh their knowledge of echocardiography (echo) in the assessment of pulmonary hypertension (PH). The interactive app provides an ‘all-in-one’ resource that can be used to consolidate the user’s knowledge of PH, by prompting the application of echo within the PH diagnostic algorithm. Users are presented with detailed explanations of a series of real clinical cases and prompted to identify echo features of PH. At the end of each stage, users are directed to questions before receiving feedback on their answers and quick links to relevant scientific guidelines to further their learning.

The app has a clear user interface. I particularly like the graphical presentation of echo data such as tricuspid regurgitation velocity and right ventricle size and function.

I have been using the EchoRight™ app for several months now. As the Education Lead for Adult Echocardiography at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, I often use the app’s extensive portfolio of clinical cases when teaching. I can also tailor my teaching approach to suit different audiences thanks to the app’s three difficulty levels. The progressively complex clinical cases ensure that the user can continue their learning through difficulty levels. In addition, I routinely save relevant cases for future reference within the app itself, which allows for an effective way to reflect on the learning points. Lastly, when I am feeling especially brave, I like to test my own knowledge by choosing from the 60+ new cases within the app – the volume of new cases is a great motivation to keep me coming back!

In October 2022, I attended the British Society of Echocardiography’s annual conference (BSEcho 2022) and demonstrated the functionality of the EchoRight™ app to fellow delegates. The experience and feedback I received on the app was very encouraging, highlighting the potential benefits of simply connecting a smartphone to a big screen and navigating clinical cases as a group of healthcare professionals. As highly specialised echocardiographers, we strive to provide accurate reports and advise clinicians on the echo features of PH. Our role in the diagnostic pathway is crucial to facilitate the early referral of our patients to specialist PH centres and hopefully prompt earlier diagnosis and, therefore, better clinical outcomes for our patients.

I believe the EchoRight™ app is an immensely useful resource that allows colleagues from all levels of care to be confident in assessing the echo signs of PH. Even as an experienced echocardiographer, I believe that using this app has increased my awareness of these signs and improved my daily clinical practice.

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UK healthcare professionals can visit the Act on PAH website for more information on PH and to access additional resources.

The EchoRight™ app is a tool intended to help train healthcare professionals to detect pulmonary hypertension (PH) signs on echocardiography. It has been developed by Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd., one of the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson, in partnership with a scientific committee composed of clinicians and experts in the management of PH and echocardiography. This app is for use by healthcare professionals only.

Mr Ivo Ferreira de Andrade, Highly Specialised Cardiac Physiologist and Education Lead for Adult Echocardiography, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

CP-356383 | November 2022

This content is published as part of a paid advertising agreement.