New position statements

Published 20/09/2022

The British Society of Echocardiography has released two new position statements in response to queries from members on time-slots for echocardiography and abridged protocol scans.

Through our recent survey and general feedback, we have become aware that echocardiographers across the UK are coming under pressure to reduce the time taken to perform an echo in outpatients and in some instances to perform abridged scans. To support teams in conversations with management the BSE is providing the following guidance:

Recommendations for time-slots for echocardiography

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Dr Claire Colebourn, President, said "We are aware that both echo teams and management colleagues look to the BSE for guidance on appropriate slot length for out-patient echocardiography. We are delighted that our updated guidance is now available here. We hope this offers clarification on the time taken to scan and report a comprehensive level II echocardiogram with and without echo support workers, and, special circumstances where a longer slot time is essential and should be planned for. We hope you find this useful; please direct any feedback to [email protected]."

The use of abridged echo protocols in the UK

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This statement is intended to clarify the BSE’s position regarding the different protocols being referred to in discussions at this time.

Dr Claire Colebourn said "In this new position statement on the use of abridged echo protocols we set out full terminology for current levels of transthoracic echocardiography, and the BSE's current position on the use of planned incomplete datasets. This guidance will be regularly updated. We hope this clarifies communication around different echo protocols; please direct any feedback to [email protected]."

All of our position statements can be found on our clinical guidance page.