#MyBSEcho2022 | ‘It’s amazing how far we’ve come’

Published 22/06/2022

In the run-up to BSEcho 2022, Ms Pooja Raithatha, Clinical Scientist at University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, traverses the timeline from early echo to current and future advances.

Arguably one of the most highly anticipated events of the year, there is not long now until BSEcho 2022! What is there not to look forward to? From the fantastic line-up of speakers, the inspiring research content, the high-quality educational content, and the opportunity to once again catch-up and collaborate.

I am particularly looking forward to learning in more detail about the technological innovations and the advancing methods of practise, including the Scientist and physiologist delivered services session. It is noteworthy for our profession to have developed our capabilities and roles, providing more thorough assessments, ultimately resulting in improving patient care and outcomes. Patients often state their amazement at what we are also now able to see with our technology i.e. 3D visualisation of the heart (how far we have come since simpler A-mode times!)

From the ultrasonic pulse-echo technique first used for nonmilitary purposes for the detection of flaws in metals, inspired by SONAR and RADAR technology as far back as the 1700s, to the advanced diagnostic capabilities of echocardiography today; it’s amazing how far we’ve come!

The educational content coming up on valves, prosthetic valves, chamber and congenital pathology assessment will also provide a great reminder, not only on the standard approaches to assessing these pathologies, but also the opportunity to brush-up on the updates and changes occurring with growing research evidence. This is something I feel we all need from time to time - as understanding and staying current in cardiology is no small feat!

I look forward to seeing you there - be it in person or virtually!

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