#MyBSEcho2022 | ‘The year isn’t the same without conference in my diary’

Published 15/06/2022

In the run-up to BSEcho 2022, Ms Emily Denman, Cardiac Clinical Scientist at King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, shares how bursaries can support echocardiographers to continue their development.

There’s not long until we can finally enjoy the benefits of the first fully hybrid BSE conference, and I for one can’t wait to meet and get chatting to people face to face, catch up with old colleagues and see what other departments are up to. But equally I’ve had years where travel and staying away haven’t been as easy and I longed to be able to tune in from home.

To be able to watch the sessions in the other streams afterwards is such a bonus - no more deciding with colleagues which lecture is going to be the most useful!

Over the years I have been privileged enough to attend every BSE conference I wanted, but post-COVID our hospital, like so many, had limited funds for conferences - so I thought I may miss out. But luckily the BSE bursary allowed me to attend BSEcho 2021 virtually, and I’m so grateful I did - a year doesn’t seem quite the same without our annual national conference in the diary.

This year’s bursaries will support a new wave of echocardiographers from across the country with their education and development. At a time when pressures and backlogs are high, it’s important for us to come together and encourage each other, and hopefully this financial support will allow more people to benefit from that.

I can’t wait for BSEcho 2022; a lot has happened since we were all together and there’s so much to catch up on!

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