Write-Time | An exciting new opportunity for members

The British Society of Echocardiography (BSE) is proud to launch a new initiative which aims to support members who have not previously published on their journey to publication.

The programme is open to physiologists/clinical scientists and junior doctors who already have project data that might be suitable for publication and who want to start the writing process but need support. Write-Time will lead participants by the hand through the manuscript preparation process. Content includes understanding journal expectations, systematic review of the literature, data presentation and reporting guidelines, critical writing and scientific story-telling. At the end of the programme, participants will have been supported to develop a draft manuscript for submission. 

Participants in 'Write-Time' will:

  • Join a network of peers on the same journey
  • Receive guidance and resources to support their development
  • Attend live online workshops with built-in precious writing time and
  • Have access to an expert mentor during the 4-month programme

The pilot cohort of applicants are expected to commit to attending four online workshops (each 2 hours long), and to work on a draft manuscript between Wednesday 12 January and Saturday 30 April 2022. The aim is to build capacity and capability across all levels of the membership so those with primary research projects, service evaluations and clinical audits are all eligible to apply.

This initiative is designed to support the personal and professional development of those on the programme. Each participant will control authorship, manuscript content, and the decision of which journal is targeted for submission. BSE cannot guarantee publication. Naturally, we are hoping that some members might like to submit their manuscript to one of the BSE publications, Echo Research and Practice (ERP) or ECHO. In 2022, to ensure there are no additional barriers to publication, BSE has offered to cover the article processing charge for a small number of manuscripts that were developed through Write-Time and which are accepted for publication in ERP. 

Dr Emma Rees, Associate Professor of Healthcare Science at Swansea University and Ms Kelly Victor, Head of Echocardiography at Cleveland Clinic London, Co-Leads for the programme, said "BSE members are passionate about sharing echo knowledge and many are involved in research projects. However, we know that some individuals struggle to find the time, support and resources to write up that research work for publication. This can limit the sharing of valuable experiences and insights. BSE has a rich community of experts who are willing to share their knowledge and writing skills, but it can be difficult for a novice researcher to access the right support at the right time of their development – we want to change that!"

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