#MyBSEcho2021 | Time to connect 

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It’s that time of year again. Summer really is over, the warmer clothes have started to come out of the wardrobe, and the word “Christmas” seems to be creeping into conversation.

But it also means that the countdown to the British Society of Echocardiography’s (BSE) annual conference has begun! The frenzied stress of preparation is coupled with the excited feeling of being part of a community, and knowing that we are about to come together to celebrate all that is echo certainly lifts the spirits.

For me, the conference is about feeling connected – connected to the society, to fellow members, to teams from industry, but also to the wider world we enter each time we pick up a probe.

I like that there will be new guidelines, techniques, and technologies to discover, as well as new perspectives to hear and consider. But I also enjoy confirming what I think I already know: that I am doing things right, that I am following the guidelines, and that I am effective in my role.

I also have a secret guilty pleasure in buying new stationary, because any excuse to buy a dedicated folder with a matching notebook and pen will always get my attention! So, let’s prepare to wake up those grey cells, open our minds, dust off the fitness gear for the #BSEMiles challenge, get our new pens and paper at the ready, and connect.

Remember to visit GE Healthcare’s dedicated industry page on the conference platform to find out more about our artificial intelligence-driven features, and our latest products and tools. Or simply drop in and visit me and the team in our virtual coffee room to:

  • arrange a remote training session
  • book an onsite applications visit or demo
  • find out about the Vivid Club
  • seek answers to any burning questions you may have
  • just catch up

Our virtual coffee room will be open from 9am to 5pm Monday 11 to Friday 15 October 2021. What will be your coffee of choice? Mine is a caramel latte. See you soon!

Kathryn and the GE Healthcare Vivid Team UK&I

This content is published as part of a paid advertising agreement.