Partnering on innovation in Cardiovascular Ultrasound

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In 2008, a leading hospital Trust and one of the largest and busiest in the United Kingdom had ambitions to advance their position as a leader in Cardiovascular care, transforming their clinical service to incorporate the latest innovations in Ultrasound medical technology and integrated digital systems.

To realise these ambitions, the Trust agreed a five-year Cardiovascular Ultrasound Managed Service Strategic Partnership with Philips, which included an initial full refresh of their medical equipment.   

Managed Service Strategic Partnerships are outcome-based solutions

With rising demand for clinical services, increasing pressures from regulators to improve quality and patient outcomes combined with ageing equipment and limited capital investment challenges, Philips partner with healthcare organisations to provide comprehensive Managed Service solutions.

Their outcome-based solutions programme uses technology as an enabler for healthcare transformation. Working in partnership with customers as an extension of their team and going beyond traditional Managed Equipment Services (MES), flexible agreements are grounded in actionable data insight, to support customers in making confident investment decisions.

Philips takes responsibility for planning, procurement, implementation, maintenance and performance services of your integrated medical technologies and AI, whilst helping to improve operational performance and optimising total cost of ownership.

Sharing risk and reward, Philips partners to drive operational, clinical and financial transformation, empowering customers to drive change and ensure patient and staff satisfaction.

Working together for ten years, the partnership has evolved to meet the Trusts changing requirements

Spanning a ten year period, the Cardiovascular Ultrasound Managed Service Strategic Partnership has been renewed on two separate occasions, evolving to focus more on programme and service delivery of a long-term equipment replacement plan, fully managed by Philips to ensure consistent availability of the Trusts cardiac clinical service, deliver improved patient and staff experience whilst also driving improvements to patient outcomes.

A dedicated Philips Operations Manager is assigned to support delivery alongside an integrated Philips helpdesk solution, which ensures immediate access for fault reporting, resolution and scheduling of preventative maintenance.

The equipment replacement plan incorporates the latest Philips Ultrasound medical technologies including Epiq CVx and EchoNavigator systems and integrated IntelliSpace digital platforms, while on-site lifeboat equipment is provided to ensure 100% uptime availability. 

Applications support is provided by dedicated local applications specialists, bolstered by Philips UKI and global teams. Support is available post installation, on request and following software upgrades, provided through Philips Technology Maximiser, ensuring systems perform at the latest software revision levels, enabling end-users to benefit from latest technology innovations.

System Transducers are fully covered with 1:1 replacement guarantees, which can include specialist probes and accidental damage.  Philips transducer coverage profiles historic use and exchange rates, creating a model of replacement tailored to needs.  Surplus funds are reinvested back into the Trust, applied to upgrades or additional probes, if cover is not required.

To find out more about Philips Strategic Partnerships, click here. Alternatively contact Iain Rider, Business Development Manager on +44 (0) 7827 955282, email: [email protected].

This content is published as part of a paid advertising agreement.