EchoCalc updated for Apple and Android users

The British Society of Echocardiography (BSE) is delighted to announce the long-awaited update of the EchoCalc app for Apple and Android users.

EchoCalc provides easy to access reference intervals for common cardiac measurements as well as calculators and guidelines.

EchoCalc includes a series of key echocardiography calculators commonly used in clinical practice:

  • Indexing to body surface area (BSA) or height
  • LV/RV size and function, LV mass, aortic dimensions, atrial dimensions
  • Diastolic function assessment tool
  • Comprehensive valve assessment calculators and reference data
  • Prosthetic aortic and mitral valves reference data and calculators
  • Flow-chart guides to both echo and clinical decision making
  • Dobutamine stress echo infusion guide
  • Z-scores for paediatrics
  • Mini-guides based on BSE guidelines
  • Updated to the latest BSE reference data - with ASE and EACVI parameters available for the international audience
  • Inpatient and outpatient triage guidelines

Many thanks go to Dr Allan Harkness for his hard work on the app. He said "The original EchoCalc was well loved as the 'green app' but we had not been able to update either version for some time. Recent development software advances allowed me to tweak the Android version to compile for Apple, which means both platforms have a virtually identical look and feel. While those modifications (and COVID) slowed down the final release, it will make future additions and amendments easier to do. I am indebted to the original iPhone developers for their concept and design as well as to the many beta-testers over the last few months."

Dr Dan Augustine and Mr Shaun Robinson, Co-Chairs of the Education Committee, said "This app will be a go to tool for up to date BSE reference ranges, guidelines and inpatient/outpatient triage documents. To have this information to hand in an easily accessible format will be invaluable to the global echo community and will greatly benefit BSE members across our inter-professional workforce, in different specialties and working environments. Dr Allan Harkness has worked above and beyond to lead the development and production of this app for our BSE members. We cannot begin to describe the effort, time and expertise that Allan has committed to creating a resource that is utilised by echocardiographers worlwide and for this we are extremely grateful."

Android app

Apple app