New pulmonary hypertension eLearning module launched

The British Society of Echocardiography is delighted to announce the launch of a new eLearning platform and the first new eLearning module on pulmonary hypertension.

This eLearning module is free for members of the British Society of Echocardiography thanks to a generous grant from the British Heart Foundation. We would also like to thank Janssen Ireland, whose sponsorship has enabled us to offer this module to non-members at the discounted price of £10.

Our Education Committee have worked hard to create a robust, educational learning experience that will provide you with clear guidance on our pulmonary hypertension guidelines and allow you to test your knowledge. Particular thanks go to Katherine Collins and team for their work on this module.

Hatty Grant, Marketing and Education Manager, said "We hope that this will be the first of many eLearning modules, providing you with a basis on which to revise and update your echo knowledge in a flexible, practical way. We have worked to provide a smooth eLearning experience, with a single sign on to allow easy access through our main website. This will also allow direct upload of your results to your profile."

As ever, learner feedback is greatly appreciated. If you do have any comments, please feel free to contact Hatty at [email protected].

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