I have been trying extremely hard over the last few weeks to avoid using the ‘C word’ so I’m only going to allude to it very quickly.

Although the past few months have been at best a bit weird, and at most terrifying, I think we have all managed to find some silver linings to the clouds. One of the positive outcomes for me is that #BSEcho2020 will be virtual. The event is now so much more accessible and it would be fabulous to think that people who previously couldn’t attend can now benefit from the full program or dip in and out to hear presentations that really interest them.

I would particularly encourage any cardiac physiologists in the early stages of their career who are not yet accredited to attend for a good dose of inspiration and motivation. The world of cardiology is really opening to physiologists and clinical scientists and the British Society of Echocardiography (BSEcho) has played a pivotal role in that by showcasing the knowledge and expertise of some fabulous people at the annual conferences.

On a personal note, I could almost believe that this year’s program had been written with me in mind. In October I am sitting my stress echo exam – stress being the operative word — so I’m particularly looking forward to hearing from Benoy Shah, Kate Gatenby, Anita MacNab and Martin Stout for some last-minute revision.

Lucy Ford, Cardiac Physiologist, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

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