For me, cardio-oncology is an exciting and relatively new sub-speciality within echocardiography. It’s exciting because experts in the field are introducing new echocardiographic imaging techniques and methods really quickly to identify what is often subtle cardiac disease in our patients.

This work relates to assessments I can perform instantly in clinic and yet the evidence-base is growing so quickly I find it difficult to keep up with the pace. This is where sessions at the BSE conference really help me. We get to hear world-leading clinicians discussing the latest approaches but with a more practical perspective. 

I’m particularly looking forward to the presentation on using GLS in cardio-oncology as I think this work will translate into lots of different aspects of echocardiography in the future, especially as we move towards a culture of preventative medicine and more advanced risk assessment. 

Ah! But then learning about people’s experience of setting up a cardio-oncology service will be really useful to know what challenges people came across and how they find the service best works. I can imagine the learning curve for the whole multidisciplinary team is really interesting because cardio-oncology relies so heavily on collaboration.

I’m sure I’ll come out of the session with a better understanding of how to engage colleagues in a new cardio-oncology service, and also feel more confident I am providing the best assessment I can for our patients. 

Talk Speaker
Setting up a cardio-oncology echo service Jose Bingcang 
Exercise stress echo and cardiopulmonary exercise testing in cardio-oncology   Daniel Chen 
The role of echo in the multimodality imaging assessment of a cardio-oncology patient   Arjun Ghosh
The role of GLS in cardio-oncology    Daniel Sierra Lara Martinez
 The role of echocardiography in the evaluation of cardiac masses Lynne WIlliams

The conference this year is going to be a highlight for me. In what has undoubtedly been a tough year, so much of what has got me through has been the sense of community I get from being a member of the BSE. The annual conference gives us the opportunity to celebrate together in all of our achievements, to catch up with colleagues across the UK, and to learn about all of the incredible advancements in echocardiography that have happened despite all the challenges we have faced. 

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