Find out more about other departments' experiences of the accreditation process and how it has benefited them.

"Here at our hospital we found the department accreditation process a very positive experience. It gave us the impetus to ringfence time to hone our protocols and procedures and put into place those things we never seemed to find time for. It also engendered discussion amongst all levels involved in echocardiography as to changes and improvements that could be made. Most of all it has given us confirmation and satisfaction in knowing we are indeed providing a good service."

We are soon moving to our new hospital building and the settings of our clinical areas have been upgraded/improved based on the BSE guidelines. By and large, our echo department has gained positively since obtaining the BSE departmental accreditation and we would highly recommend other echo departments to embark on the same path".

"We recently undertook the process of departmental accreditation. We felt it was important to have official recognition that we perform to the standard expected by the BSE. It also enabled us to highlight to management within the Trust the standards for echo which need to be upheld, particularly in the area of protected times for training, as well as required room size and machine specification. Departmental accreditation underpins our commitment to an excellent service and it has empowered us when speaking to management with reference to working and training standards. We would certainly recommend that departments apply for departmental accreditation."

"The whole process of developing our service in line with the recommendations of the BSE has been a very positive experience for us. It would be so beneficial if other services in the NHS used a similar template. It makes such a difference."

"The accreditation process is quite simple and straightforward, especially if the department already follows the BSE guidelines. Since our department achieved the accredited status overall morale has been exceptionally good and echo members of staff are inspired to constantly improve and provide a high-quality echo service. Support for the echo lab appears to have improved with regards to acquisition and replacement and servicing of machines. In addition to this, we have an increase in departmental funds as other units have incorporated echos in their clinical research trials through grants.