The functions of the BSE are overseen by the Advisory Council which is lead by the President and the Officers (such as the Secretary ). The Advisory Council consists of trustees and invited members as well as representatives of professional groups such as the Society for Cardiological Science and Technology and other associated organisations. 


Trustees are elected by the entire membership by a ballot conducted each year online. The results are announced at the AGM.  Each trustee serves for three years, after which they can seek re-election for a further term.  A trustee can serve a maximum of two consecutive terms. 

The President and Vice President

The President and Vice President are elected by a ballot of trustees.

Elected trustees

  • Dr Claire Colebourn, President
  • Mr Keith Pearce, Immediate Past President
  • Professor Martin Stout, Vice President
  • Mrs Jude Skipper, Honorary Secretary
  • Ms Sadie Bennett, Chair of Accreditation
  • Dr Dan Augustine, Co Chair of Education
  • Mr Shaun Robinson, Co Chair of Education
  • Ms Wendy Gamlin
  • Dr Tom Ingram, Co Chair of Clinical Standards
  • Dr David Oxborough
  • Dr Catherine Townsend

Appointed trustees

  • Dr Sandeep Hothi, TOE Lead
  • Mrs Caroline Barker, Finance Trustee


Advisory Council members

  • Ms Sarah Ritzmann, Co Chair of Clinical Standards
  • Dr Rakhee Hindocha, Vice Chair of Accreditation
  • Dr Kelly Victor, Chair of Communications
  • Dr Andrew Potter, GP Representative, Patient Engagement Lead and ECHO Co-Editor
  • Dr Brian Campbell, Society for Cardiological Science and Technology Representative
  • Dr Mahesh Prabhu, Association for Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia and Critical Care Representative
  • Professor Mark Monaghan, Special Advisor
  • Professor Petros Nihoyannopoulos, Editor-in-Chief, Echo Research & Practice
  • Dr Stephanie Connaire , British Junior Cardiologists' Association Representative
  • Ms Cathy West, International Representative
  • Ms Evie Greenhough
  • Mr Curtis Page, Scientist Training Programme Representative