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#MyBSEcho2022 | ‘The best way to get to know our members is at conference’

Posted on 8/10/2022
Dawn Brady shares why one of the best ways to engage with our members is at BSEcho 2022.


New normal reference intervals eLearning module launched

Posted on 8/9/2022
Improving understanding and the quality of echo amongst our members


#MyBSEcho2022 | ‘Nothing beats the experience of an in-person conference’

Posted on 8/3/2022
Jamal Khan shares what he’s most looking forward to at BSEcho 2022


Running an echo department in the COVID-19 era

Posted on 7/19/2022
Patrick Thompson and Jude Tweedie share their experience of working with our clinical indications of echo resource


#MyBSEcho2022 | ‘Echo wouldn’t be what it is today without research’

Posted on 7/18/2022
Gavin McClean shares his thoughts on the importance of research to our favourite diagnostic tool.


#MyBSEcho2022 | ‘Nothing can replace the buzz’

Posted on 7/13/2022
Ivo Andrade shares what he’s most looking forward to at BSEcho 2022.


#MyBSE | World Wellbeing Week

Posted on 7/1/2022
Joanne Sopala shares what wellbeing means to her on a personal level - and how we can't all be expected to be superheroes.


#MyBSEcho2022 | ‘I want to learn from the best’

Posted on 6/29/2022
Dario Freitas shares the importance of education to building strong teams.


#MyBSE | ‘I was happy and proud to help set up BSE Fellowship’

Posted on 6/24/2022
Mark Monaghan shares the importance of the Fellowship scheme and how it came to be